Who are we ?

Poverty reduction strategies, development cooperation policies of developing countries, the lot of humanitarian aid and other actions aimed at improving the living conditions of the populations of the South, have repeatedly caused our misunderstanding about their lack of effectiveness.

Part of the world has dreamed of a classless society, another has thought of creating a large middle class; the fact is that only a small percentage of the world's population has the wealth produced and poverty is becoming more and more rooted with sub-Saharan Africa as a symbol

But the world has changed, the world is more and more globalized, smaller and smaller; also, we proposed to observe it through the prisms of the economy, of environmental consciousness, of history, news and technology in order to understand it as much as possible, and build a model, a method, helping to prepare a better future for Africa and the rest of the world.

As a creative experiment, we have proposed ourselves to identify projects aimed at the rehabilitation of infrastructures whose realization would require the industrial partnership in order to "move" the companies of the South and thus regenerate the productive forces of this continent.

Fight against poverty through the safeguarding of production infrastructures inducing the revival of African companies; this is the program that led to the creation, on July 21, 2002, of Afrique Développement et Avenir (Africa Development and future), ADA asbl in acronym.

We have embarked on this intellectual enterprise and measure it every day difficulty and complexity.

Thus, it is not enough to associate a company in an infrastructure project to relaunch it; it is also necessary to encourage, within it, the practice of good governance, the establishment of a capitalism of general interest.

On the other hand, in possible partnerships, it is not always easy to make them equitable.

Africa being multiple and complex, the association is committed to developing intercultural competence.